Corona uncontrollable in Shanghai, China! 15 thousand health workers called from other cities, army took over

New Delhi | Corona Control in Shanghai! China, which introduced the world to the corona infection, now seems to be forced to struggle with this horrific epidemic itself. The condition of Corona in China has worsened due to Corona. Corona infection has caused havoc in Shanghai, China’s largest city. Due to which more than 15,000 health workers from across the country have been sent to Shanghai.

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Help being taken for military medical personnel
Corona Control in Shanghai! The situation has become uncontrollable due to Corona in Shanghai city of China. Despite the lockdown in Shanghai, the situation is getting worse. Mass corona investigation of 2.5 crore people of the city is going on. Most shops and businesses are closed. Health workers have been called from outside for smooth running of health services. Including more than 2,000 military medical personnel.

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Corona crisis Delta China

Corona crisis Delta China

More than 13,000 cases of corona recorded in 24 hours
Corona Control in Shanghai! More than 13,000 new cases of corona have been reported in China in the last 24 hours. Of which about 9,000 cases have been found in Shanghai alone. In view of the increasing cases in Shanghai, an exhibition hall and other establishments have been converted into a quarantine center. Where corona patients with mild or no symptoms are being kept temporarily.

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