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Coronavirus Third Wave in India: The situation in India has also become worrying amidst the ever-increasing cases of corona in the world. During the third wave of corona, about 4 to 8 lakh new cases can be reported every day. This claim was made by Senior Scientist of IIT, Kanpur, Prof. Manindra Agarwal. Let us tell you that Manindra extracts data on the basis of mathematical model. They claim that during this period, about 30 to 60 thousand new cases will come in Mumbai every day and 35 to 70 thousand during the peak in the capital Delhi.

Senior Scientist of IIT Prof. Manindra Aggarwal has said on the basis of the study, that there is a possibility of shortage of beds in the hospitals at the local level if the cases increase. He claims that when the cases of corona are at the peak, then 1.5 lakh beds may be required in comparison to those infected in the country. Earlier Prof. Manindra Aggarwal had said that during the peak, up to two lakh new cases of infection will come in the country every day.

The basis of the case coming to South Africa

Pro. Manindra Aggarwal says that he first assessed the pace of spread of infection in India on the basis of the cases coming to South Africa. And when the infection started spreading in the country, the figures in the model changed. He says, it has now come to the fore that the rate of spread of infection in the country will be many times higher than that of South Africa. Pro. Aggarwal says that now everyone needs to be more cautious.

Peak possible in the capital Delhi and Mumbai only in January

Pro. According to Aggarwal’s assessment, the peak of corona infection in the national capital Delhi and commercial capital Mumbai may come in the third week of January. During this, more cases will be seen in Delhi than Mumbai. 10 thousand beds in comparison to new cases in Mumbai, 12 thousand beds may be needed in comparison to cases in Delhi also.

22 percent teenagers got protective cover in five days

On the other hand, the vaccination figure in the country has crossed 150 crores on Friday. Meanwhile, more than 22 per cent of adolescents have been given the first dose so far under the vaccination campaign that started for adolescents between the ages of 15 and 18. Apart from this, the first vaccine has been given to more than 91 percent of the people. Announcing these figures, Union Health Minister Mansukh Mandaviya said that any goal can be achieved if everyone tries together.

66% people were given both doses

Significantly, on October 21 last year, India crossed the 100 crore vaccination mark. On this achievement, the Health Minister said, ‘Any goal can be achieved when everyone makes efforts together.’ According to the Ministry of Health, 91 percent of adults in the country have received at least one dose of the vaccine. At the same time, 66 percent people have been given both the doses.

Epidemic outbreak, according to statistics: —

– So far 3,52,26,386 corona patients have been found across the country.

– 3,43,71,845 patients have become healthy in the country so far.

– 4,83,178 patients have lost their lives due to infection.

– 15,13,377 samples have been tested in the last 24 hours.

More than 68,68,19,128 samples have been tested so far.

After vaccine, take paracetamol only on medical advice: Expert

At the same time, experts say that children taking anti-coronavirus vaccine should take paracetamol only on the advice of doctors. This advice has been given after information emerged that some centers are advising children to take three tablets of Paracetamol 500 after taking the vaccine. Experts say we don’t know how the vaccine alters the immune response. This can be followed by problems like mild fever and muscle pain, lethargy, headache and swelling at the injection site. These symptoms usually last for two days after taking the vaccine. No medicine is needed for them. They fix themselves.


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