Corona Third Wave: Child admitted in Lokbandhu Hospital in seven minutes, mock drill held all over UP in view of third wave. 1 News Track English

Lucknow: On Friday, in view of the third wave of corona virus across UP, mock drills were held in hospitals. PICU, NICU including other beds and preparations were reviewed. The team of the Health Department went to the hospitals and checked other preparations including children’s doctors and anesthetists.

Apart from this, it was also seen that if a Kovid patient comes, how will he check his pulse, how will he give oxygen, how will he use the oxygen concentrator. For this, supervising officers were sent to all 75 districts of the state, who went to hospitals and got mock drills done.

Mock drill held in 12 hospitals of Lucknow

Mock drills were conducted in 12 hospitals of the capital. These include KGMU, PGI, Integral, TS Mishra Medical College, CHC Mohanlalganj, Malihabad, Balrampur and Era College.

Child admitted in Lokbandhu Hospital in seven minutes

Mock drill was conducted at Lokbandhu Hospital in Ashiana. It took seven minutes to enroll the baby (dummy). CMO Dr. Manoj Aggarwal himself tested the entire system and praised it.

Medical superintendent of the hospital Dr. Ajay Shankar Tripathi told that a ward of 100 beds has been made. It has NICU and PICU facility on 30 beds. Oxygen facility is available on 70 beds. 100 beds have been reserved for pregnant women.

Mock drill done like this:-

• Corona infected child (dummy) was brought to the emergency by ambulance.

• The security guard called Dr. Pankaj of Troyes area and informed about the patient’s arrival.

• The child was immediately placed on the stretcher. The attendants were stopped outside.

• Staff brought the child to the Troyes area. Here Dr. Pankaj saw the child.

• Instructed to be taken to NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit).

• The team of Dr. Nilambar and Suresh Mehta in NICU assessed the health of the child. Put him on ventilator.

• The whole process took seven minutes.


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