Corona slept again! WHO issued alert, effect started showing in many countries

New Delhi | Corona Returns: Corona infection has raised concern once again in the world. After which the World Health Organization (WHO) has issued a warning asking all countries to remain alert. WHO has said that there is a possibility of a big increase in corona cases in the coming days.

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The effect of corona started showing again in many countries
Corona Returns: Significantly, the corona epidemic has caused havoc all over the world for the last two years, although the cases of corona are decreasing continuously since the vaccination. But once again the rising corona cases in China have raised concerns. After the counterattack of Corona in China, it is believed that corona cases may increase again worldwide. In such a situation, it is feared that in many countries of Asia, there will be a surge in corona cases, the effect of which has started showing in some countries.

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Children Corona Positive

Children Corona Positive

Corona alert in India, instructions to monitor the situation
There is an alert in India once again in view of the deteriorating conditions due to Corona in the countries of the world. It is believed that by June, the effect of the fourth wave can be seen in India as well. Due to which the Ministry of Health is organizing continuous meetings regarding Corona. All the officers are instructed to keep an eye on the situation of Corona.

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covid 19 update

covid 19 update

China burning again in the fire of Corona
China has once again been engulfed in the fire of Corona. There has been a jump in new cases of corona infection for the past days, due to which lockdown has been imposed in many cities. The death toll from Corona is also increasing continuously.

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