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Coronavirus Ka Naya Variant: The Omicron variant of Corona found in November last year has spread to 100 countries so far. Omicron Variant In India is also spreading very fast in India. Regarding this form, scientists are continuously issuing Omicron Variant Alert not to take Omicron lightly, it can also lead to death. Right now when the whole world is trying to deal with the Delta and Omicron variants, in the meantime a new variant of Coronavirus has been found in France as well.

The new variant of corona that scientists and experts have identified in France has 46 mutants so far and is being called B.1.640.2 or IHU variant. After the discovery of this new form, the concern of the world has increased. However, in the meantime, relief news has come to light after studying at ‘IHU’. According to the new study, the prevalence of this variant is very low and there is no need to panic. Also, the number of patients infected with this variant so far is very less.

What are the researchers saying?

But researchers say that it is too early to say anything on the IHU variant, because fewer people have been infected with this variant. However, the investigation of the behavior of the redesign is still at a very early stage. Let us inform that earlier the World Health Organization i.e. WHO had also said that this variant is not proving to be more dangerous so far. Also, so far the IHU variant has been found only in France, the presence of this variant has not been confirmed in any other country.

How did IHU get its name?

The WHO says that the first case of the IHU variant was confirmed only in mid-November 2021. This variant predates Omicron’s official discovery (24 November 2021). The B.1.640.2 or IHU variant was first identified by academics at the IHU Mediterranean Infection Institute, hence the name IHU.

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