Corona cases are not stopping in the country, today 5,443 newly infected, 46 thousand cross active cases

New Delhi | India Coronavirus : Like the stock market, there is a period of ups and downs in the data of Corona in India. Sometimes less and sometimes more new cases are coming out everyday. Although the country has got relief from the huge figure of corona infected, but still about 5 thousand cases are being reported every day and a large number of deaths are also going on. New cases have increased once again in the capital Delhi. Meanwhile, today 5 thousand 443 new cases of corona have been reported in the country and 26 people have died. However, during this period 5 thousand 291 corona patients have recovered and returned home. After which the active cases have come down from 47 thousand to 46,342.

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The latest status of Corona in the country so far – India Coronavirus

Total deaths so far – 5 lakh 28 thousand 429
Total discharge till now – 4 crore 39 lakh 78 thousand 271
Total active cases now – 46 thousand 342
Total vaccination so far – 217 crore 11 lakh 36 thousand 934

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Still 474 active cases in Delhi
India Coronavirus : In the country’s capital Delhi, the corona cases, which have decreased in the past, seem to be increasing once again. In the last 24 hours, 123 new cases of corona were reported in the capital, however, during this time no one has reported death from corona. At the same time, 112 corona infected have been cured. After which the number of active cases has gone up to 474.

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1045 active cases in Rajasthan
India Coronavirus : The risk of corona infection remains constant in Rajasthan. In the last 24 hours, 96 positives of corona have been reported here, however, they have been recorded only half as compared to yesterday. But the number of active cases of corona still remains 1045 in the state. In the state, 13 new cases of corona have been reported in Jaipur on the last day.

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