Congress waiting for a reply from Udaipur to get out of trouble

Bhopal, The Congress, which was once the largest party of the country, is going through the most difficult phase at this time. Congress’s Chintan Shivir has started in Udaipur from Friday. Along with the country, the Congressmen of the state are also waiting for answers from Udaipur which can return the old glory of the Congress.

In fact, if Sonia Gandhi is active at the national level, then Congress State President Kamal Nath, former Chief Minister Digvijay Singh, former State President Arun Yadav, former Union Minister Suresh Pachauri, former Leader of Opposition Ajay Singh and former State President Kantilal Bhuria are also active. Youth are also being energized. On Thursday, the Youth Congress demonstrated against unemployment in the capital Bhopal in the scorching afternoon, but the kind of political difficulties the Congress party is stuck in. The Congressmen of the state are waiting for the way out of this will be able to show the Chintan Shivir of Udaipur, because the possibility of elections to the three-tier Panchayati Raj and urban body has increased recently and the 2023 assembly elections as well as the 2024 Lok Sabha elections. The state Congress appears worried.

However, in Udaipur city of Rajasthan, about 400 selected leaders of Congress party will contemplate for 3 days in Nav Sankalp Chintan Shivir. In which naturally there will be election anxiety, the leaders of the state are also participating in this contemplation camp. Madhya Pradesh is a state where the hopes of the Congress have increased after the 2018 assembly elections, when the Congress came to power after removing the 15-year-old BJP government from power, but due to mutual infighting, it was also out of the government within 15 months. And the Congressmen running in the flame of vengeance are also working hard to form the government in 2023. And also got united but the way BJP gets the benefit of BJP’s national leadership and party’s strategy. Congress does not get this because factionalism is visible in the name of Z-23 in the party at the national level and the leadership of the party is also looking for a permanent president. In such a situation, the party delays in taking political decisions, due to which the party has to suffer in Madhya Pradesh like other states.

In Udaipur, the Congress will do introspection, introspection and introspection. In this hope, the Congress is looking towards Udaipur with its gaze. In other states of the country, the BJP competes with the regional parties along with the Congress, but Madhya Pradesh is a state where there has been a direct contest between the Congress and the BJP. There is no scope for the third option here so far, there has been no polarization in the state on the basis of religion and also on the basis of caste. For this reason also the Congress feels that if the Congressmen contest the elections united in Madhya Pradesh, then there are good prospects for them. Special focus is to be given on Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Chhattisgarh during the contemplation time of Udaipur, because in the 2018 assembly elections, these states had given fresh oxygen to the Congress.

Overall, like the country, the problems in front of the Congress are not less in Madhya Pradesh, on the one hand, where the BJP’s strong organization is working, the experienced Chief Minister is constantly working hard for the strength of the BJP through the schemes related to social concerns. Some leaders are working on the line of hardcore Hindutva, then the Congress has to overcome all these challenges and form the government and how much the party’s Chintan Shivir in Udaipur can help the state Congress, it will be known only in the coming days.

Parth Vekariya

Parth Vekariya is the Senior Journalist at covering political & technology news and updates. For more you can follow him on Twitter @iparthvekariya
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