Congress president election: Results will depend on whether Gandhi family remains neutral

There is a growing demand for a free and fair election within the Congress so that a new face can lead the party with fresh ideas and enthusiasm.

Sonia Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi

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Indian National Congress The election of the new National President (INC) has taken a dramatic turn. Because Thiruvananthapuram MP Shashi Tharoor has staked its claim for this election. Tharoor will face Rajasthan Chief Minister in this election Ashok Gehlot could be from. Gehlot first tried a lot to persuade Rahul Gandhi to contest the election but he failed and then he himself agreed for this election.

Tharoor on Monday appointed interim president of the party Sonia Gandhi and expressed his desire to file his nomination. According to reports, Sonia Gandhi, the longest-serving president in the 136-year history of the Congress party, welcomed the move and said she would remain neutral throughout the election process.

The dominance of the Nehru-Gandhi family in the Congress

The Nehru-Gandhi family has dominated the party for nearly half a decade since Motilal Nehru was elected Congress President in 1919. In 2017, Rahul Gandhi was elected Congress President ‘unanimously’ replacing Sonia Gandhi. However, after Rahul’s resignation, Sonia Gandhi had to take over the reins of the party again in 2019. Tharoor, 66, has won the Thiruvananthapuram seat in Kerala three times in a row and is also a former Union minister. He has been demanding for free and fair elections within the party for some time now.

President of Congress Central Election Authority (CEA) Madhusudan Mistry Tharoor demanded that the names of all the representatives who would vote for the new party chief be made public. Tharoor then supported an online campaign by some young party members, demanding that all candidates take a pledge to implement organizational reforms as per the resolution passed at the Udaipur convention between April 13 and April 15 this year. should.

Why is this so important?

If this election goes according to the current script, it will be the first time in 24 years that the party can be headed by a non-Gandhi person. It may be noted that Sonia Gandhi was appointed to this post after a dramatic development in 1998, when the then President Sitaram Kesari To Congress Working Committee Gandhi was removed through a coup by loyalists of the family.

The Congress party went into free-fall mode after being ousted from power in the 2014 parliamentary elections. Since then the party has been losing elections one after the other. The situation has become such that the party, which once ruled the entire country, now has governments in only two states. Congress There is a growing demand for a free and fair election within the party so that a new face can lead the party with new ideas and enthusiasm.

new twist in the story

As the situation progresses, there is every possibility that the upcoming Congress president’s election will be between Gandhi-family loyalists Ashok Gehlot and Tharoor. Tharoor is seen as a rebel in the party. Although, Sonia Gandhi has said that she will remain neutral, she has not said that her family, including Rahul Gandhi and his daughter Priyanka Gandhi are included, will also remain neutral. His covert support about his choice between Gehlot and Tharoor could turn the election in Gehlot’s favour.

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The most interesting thing is that due to the demand within the party, if Rahul Gandhi comes to the fray or conveys his choice to Gehlot, then the dream of conducting free and fair elections in the Congress will be dashed. However, if the entire Gandhi family decides to remain neutral, Tharoor can make his dream come true. Gehlot, despite being a senior party leader, lacks the charm and intellectual ability compared to Tharoor. Many people feel that in the current situation, the party needs such a face.


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