Congress overturned after seeing exit polls in Goa! Said- Whoever is against BJP, ready for alliance with them

New Delhi | Goa Congress Ready for Alliance: After the exit poll results of Goa Assembly Elections 2022, Congress has now taken a U-turn. If all exit polls are to be believed, then Congress is not showing signs of absolute majority anywhere in the five states, even in Punjab, it is in danger of losing power. In such a situation, the Congress party, which has not been with anyone in Goa so far, has now announced to meet with ‘anti-BJP parties’. Congress has agreed to join hands with Aam Aadmi Party and Trinamool Congress in the state. Let us tell you that earlier the Congress had accused both these parties of working on the behest of the BJP.

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Whoever is against BJP, will talk to them
According to media reports, the Congress, which is left alone in Goa, has now accepted a compromise with the anti-BJP parties. All India Congress Committee’s Goa spokesperson Dinesh Gundu Rao has said in this regard that, ‘Whoever is against the BJP, we will talk to them and we are ready to come with them. Whatever party does not want to support BJP, we are ready to give them space.

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Allegations and counter-allegations are made in the electoral field
Goa Congress Ready for Alliance: Congress, which has accused other parties during the election, says that, ‘During the election, many allegations were leveled against us on behalf of AAP and TMC and also on our behalf, but that election ground. Where this happens. But now after the results, we want to work with those parties which do not support BJP.

Congress’s power seems to be going away in Punjab too
Along with falling alone in Goa, there is a possibility of snatching the chair from the ruling Congress in Punjab. In the exit polls, the Aam Aadmi Party seems to be completely overpowering the Congress. According to all exit polls, Aam Aadmi Party is going to form the government in Punjab. Well, whatever is visible now may change after the election results are out on March 10.

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