Congress In Trouble: So now after Lok Sabha, the post of main opposition of Congress will be snatched from Rajya Sabha as well…

New Delhi | Congress In Trouble: In the last two consecutive Lok Sabha elections, the Narendra Modi government has got a thumping majority in the country. On the other hand, the country’s oldest party seems to be gradually weakening. Talking about the Lok Sabha, the Congress has become so weak that there is not even enough numbers left to hold the post of Leader of Opposition. Something similar is now going to happen in the Rajya Sabha as well. After the completion of assembly elections in five states, now the situation of Congress has become. The big problem of the Congress, which is facing defeat in the assembly elections, is that the post of opposition can be lost from it in the Rajya Sabha as well. Talking about 2022, elections are to be held in about 75% of Rajya Sabha seats separately throughout the year. After the defeat in the elections, it is natural that after the Lok Sabha, the Congress will lose the seat of the Leader of the Opposition in the Rajya Sabha.

Congress In Trouble:
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Congress had high hopes

Congress In Trouble: Let us tell you that the Congress had high hopes from the assembly elections held in five states. But when the results came out, all the aspirations of the Congress were dashed. The biggest setback for the Congress is from Punjab, where the ruling party was able to get only 18 out of 17 seats. Now the Aam Aadmi Party has fielded its candidates on all five of its seats. 3 MPs of Delhi are already in the Rajya Sabha, so now it is almost certain that 8 MPs of AAP will go to the Rajya Sabha. On the other hand, Congress seems to be lagging behind.

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How is Rajya Sabha formed?

Congress In Trouble: Let us tell you that the MPs of Rajya Sabha are not directly elected by the public. Here the legislators elected by the people choose the MPs who go to the Rajya Sabha. There are many opposition parties in front of the government in the house. But those who have more than 10% of the seats are given the post of main opposition. At present, there are 34 members of Congress. If this number comes down to 25, which is almost certain, then the Congress will lose its opposition post.

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