Congress attacked BJP on petrol-diesel prices, said- Raja should prepare for palace, poor people are suffering from inflation…

New Delhi | Petrol-Diesel Crisis Politics: The ever-increasing petrol-diesel prices in the country have raised concerns. There is a lot of politics going on this and the Congress is constantly attacking the BJP. Now once again the Congress has attacked the BJP, saying that the continuous increase in the prices of petrol and diesel is a ‘side effect’ of the celebration of BJP’s victory in the recent assembly elections. Former party president Rahul Gandhi also said his point by tweeting while taking a dig at the government. He said that the king should prepare the palace, the poor people were killed by inflation.

Spokesperson Randeep Surjewala also tweeted

Petrol-Diesel Crisis Politics: Along with Rahul Gandhi, Congress’s chief spokesperson Randeep Surjewala also targeted the BJP and Modi government by tweeting. Surjewala said that inflation in the Modi government – “Tarikh new, troubles wahi”. This morning also started with inflation. Today again the rate has been increased by Rs 0.80 (per litre). Rs 3.2 per liter looted in five days. BJP continues – ‘Celebrating oath’, people are affected by inflation everyday? He alleged that all this is just a fresh ‘side effect’ of the BJP’s celebration of electoral victory.

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Price hike for the fourth time in 5 days

Petrol-Diesel Crisis Politics: The price of petrol and diesel was increased by 80 paise per liter on Saturday. The price has been increased for the fourth time in the last five days. According to the price notification issued by the public sector petroleum marketing companies, the price of petrol in the national capital Delhi has now increased from Rs 97.81 per liter to Rs 98.61 per liter and diesel from Rs 89.07 per liter to Rs 89.87 per liter. Is.

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