Completed 4 resolutions in 8 years… till when the rest…!

Bhopal, In Indian politics, the Modi government has set a new example of self-analysis, although there is still about two years left for the completion of the second term of the Modi government, but it is a good example for Indian politics, perhaps since independence. No central government has shown such courage. The country’s Home Minister Amit Bhai Shah himself came to Bhopal and accepted that the Modi government has given shape to four resolutions in its eight-year reign so far and brainstorming is on on the remaining resolutions, in which there is a Uniform Civil Code on priority, on which high priority is given. Consultation and brainstorming are going on at the level, that too will be implemented as soon as possible.

The Union Home Minister, who visited Bhopal on his short stay last day, said that the Modi government has fulfilled the resolutions of Ram Mandir, CAA, triple talaq and abolition of Article 370 in its eight-year rule, now Uniform Civil Code is on priority. , on which the final decision will be taken in the next few months and it will be implemented at least in the BJP ruled states, which includes Madhya Pradesh, but the Honorable Home Minister could not explain why it was not implemented simultaneously in the whole country. and what is the obstacle in its path? Is there no majority of BJP in Lok Sabha-Rajya Sabha or is there any administrative or statutory constraint or problem? Or is the government not in a position to take any political risk on this issue? Is it not that the current communal atmosphere in the country remains a hindrance for the government? Whatever be the case, has the Home Minister symbolically expressed the compulsion of his government?

It is worth mentioning here that first at the time of 2014 general elections and later before 2019 general elections, BJP had decided some election resolutions (promises) under the leadership of Modi, ranging from Ram Mandir to Uniform Civil Code of Conduct. were involved. According to Amit Shah, during the tenure of the government of eight years, four major resolutions were implemented, but the resolutions like “One Nation-One Election”, Uniform Civil Code of Conduct and “Ghar Wapsi” of Kashmiri Pandits are yet to be fulfilled. Have pie. While there was a lot of talk about the abrogation of Article 370 from Jammu and Kashmir, as far as Jammu and Kashmir is concerned, the compulsion of the Modi government is that the BJP is well established in Jammu but BJP has not been able to establish itself in Kashmir even in eight years, there is no pleasant situation in Kashmir even after the abrogation of Article 370, a special section of citizens is scared about it, there is no significant reduction in the incidents of terrorism. It is not being reflected, due to this situation, the central government has to repeatedly extend the period of its rule there and the government is not able to conduct assembly elections there.

Meanwhile, the BJP itself is also realizing that the charismatic magic of Modi ji is slowly diminishing, the biggest concern of the BJP is the dozen state assembly elections, which are to be held before the Lok Sabha elections to be held after two years. Although the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh, the so-called patron organization of BJP, is raising the slogan of “Akhand Bharat” in the coming fifteen years, which directly means the establishment of BJP government in all the states including the center in the country, but the current atmosphere which is now Since the country is getting ready, which includes the communal atmosphere including the dispute between the three organs of democracy, due to this, this golden dream of the BJP and the Sangh chief should not become a “daydream”, everyone is worried about this. Today, where the Chief Justice of the country is compelled to say that “the government is tarnishing the image of the judges”. And as far as the BJP and the central government ruling the country are concerned, it has got time after eight years to look into its own situation. Have got. Well, it doesn’t matter if this work is also done with full devotion and honesty on the lines of “Late Aaye, Correct Aaye”, then it will be best for the country, the countrymen and the government. But in the current environment, it is very important for the government to be fully alert and active.

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