Company Praveg introduced electric SUV Defi, know the price and features

New Delhi. Electric vehicle startup company Praveg Dynamics on Friday launched Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV). ,DeFi, Presented. Its showroom price is Rs 39.5 lakh.

The Bangalore-based company has started bookings for the model. The deliveries of the vehicle are expected to start from the third quarter (July-September) of next year. The company aims to produce one million units by 2028 for both the domestic and international markets.

Praveg Chief Strategy Officer Ram Dwivedi said, We will focus on the domestic market for now. After that, there will be a shift towards exports in 2024. He said that in the long term, 70 percent of the production would be sold in foreign markets. Praveg’s factory is in Bangalore. The company will start production with a few thousand units and gradually increase production as demand increases.

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