Commonwealth Games 2022: Cyclist Meenakshi crashes, balance while taking turn in scratch run

Meenakshi has suffered severe injuries in the accident and was carried away on a stretcher from the track.

In the Commonwealth Games 2022, Indian players are making the country proud by giving their 100 percent. Meanwhile, Indian cyclist Meenakshi met with an accident on the track. Meenakshi was badly injured in this accident. Meenakshi was badly injured and was carried on a stretcher from the track.

Let us tell you that this accident was so terrible that Meenakshi lost control and fell on another track. Along with this, the New Zealand player coming from behind had also spilled ahead, falling from the very top of Meenakshi, including the bicycle. The video of this incident is going viral on social media. Meenakshi, who was showing her stamina in the women’s 10-km sketch run, lost her balance while taking a turn and slipped and fell. After slipping, she went far ahead of the track and entered another track. He did not even get a chance to recover that by then the New Zealand players also collided with him and fell on him.

Laura Kenny of England has won this competition and she got the gold medal. This is the second accident on this track in two days.

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