CNG-PNG prices rise again

New Delhi, Petrol and diesel prices are not increasing for the last few days, but the trend of increasing the prices of CNG and PNG continues. In Delhi and NCR, the price of CNG on Thursday is Rs 2.5 per kg and LPG (PNG) reaching homes through pipes. 4.25 Rupee per unit increased to a record level. before this 22 Petrol and diesel prices since March 10 There has been an increase of Rs.

however, Indraprastha Gas Limited after the increase on Thursday, According to the website of IGL, CNG is now available in the national capital Delhi. 71.61 Will get Rs.Kg which was earlier 69.11 Rupees was Rs. The company retails CNG and PNG in Delhi and adjoining cities. Fuel prices for the third time this month and from March 7 11Grown for the first time. Overall CNG price in less than six weeks 15.6 Rupees kg has increased, Out of which an increase of seven and a half rupees per kg has happened this month.

PNG price on Thursday 4.25 By increasing rupees per cubic meter i.e. per SCM 45.86 SCM has become Rs. last year ie 2021 In the last three months of 2014, its price increased by about nine rupees per kg. While almost every week from January this year 50 Paise per SCM has increased. Earlier, the government had more than doubled the price of natural gas at one go from April 1. 6.1 per dollar 10 lakh British thermal units.

Mahanagar Gas Limited, which supplies gas to Mumbai as well as IGL, which supplies gas to Delhi., MGL on Wednesday increased the price of compressed natural gas (CNG) by Rs 5 per kg in Mumbai. 72 Made Rs. Along with this, the price of PNG has been increased by four and a half rupees. 45.50 Rs. per cubic meter. Fuel prices vary from city to city due to local taxes.

deaf, As per IGL, CNG price now Noida, in Greater Noida and Ghaziabad 74.61 Rupees will be kg. this in gurugram 79.94 Will get Rs. PNG Noida, Now in Greater Noida and Ghaziabad 45.96 Rupee and in Gurugram 44.06 per cubic meter will be Rs.

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