Clean it like this by removing Junk files from Windows PC, learn the easiest process here

If you want your everyday devices like smartphones, laptops and computers to work properly, then you have to take proper care of them. Often a lot of junk files are stored in the computer, due to which the PC starts working very slowly, as well as our attention does not go towards it quickly. Today we will tell you how you can delete the junk files present in the computer in a very easy way. Let us know its complete process.

How to Delete Junk Files from Windows PC

To delete junk files, first go to the start menu
Now as soon as you type cmd here, you will see the option of Cammand Prompt window.
Click on this option to open it.
Now to check the temporary files here, enter %SystemRoot%explorer.exe %temp% in the Cammand Prompt window.
Now junk files will come in front of you, select them by pressing ctrl + A.
After doing this, delete all.
On the other hand, if you want to delete the junk file without any prompt, then you have to enter this command. cleanmgr /verylowdisk /e

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