Chinese hackers hacked Apple iPhone 13 Pro in just 15 seconds, spectators were surprised

Chinese hackers hacked Apple iPhone 13 Pro: The Tianfu Cup is organized every year in Chengdu by the Chinese government. In this competition, big hackers show their hacking skills. Recently this competition was held, where the Kunlun Lab team, whose CEO is the former CTO of Qihoo 360, showed off Apple’s latest smartphone iPhone 13 Pro by hacking it in just 15 seconds.

hacked twice
Hackers hacked the new iPhone 13 Pro running iOS 15.0.2 not once but twice. He told that he had prepared for a long time behind this tremendous hacking. People were stunned to see this skill of his hacking. However, it is not known how to hack iPhone 13 Pro.

Claimed a reward of crores
It’s not just the Kunlun Lab team that hacked the iPhone 13 Pro. Team Pangu has also been an expert in hacking Apple iPhones and iPads. In this competition too, the team remotely jailbroken iPhone 13 Pro running iOS 15 and claimed a reward of around $300,000 (Rs 2,25,16,905).

Details will be given to Apple
Let us tell you that Apple places great emphasis on the safety of its device and claims that no one hacks its device easily. At the same time, these teams hacking these devices of Apple will give the details of the hacking to Apple, so that these shortcomings can be removed.

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