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China’s love for terrorism

Here the BRICS summit is about to take place, in which the leaders of China and India will make a joint strategy against terrorism and on the other hand China has given great relief to Pakistan’s terrorist Abdul Rehman Makki. The United States and India had proposed to put Makki’s name on the world list of terrorists, but China, being a member of the Security Council, put its block. Now this work has been postponed for the next six months.

Had China not stopped, Makki would have been subjected to the same international sanctions as Jaish-e-Muhammad chief Masood Azhar. In his case too, China had tried to obstruct. It is not understood that on the one hand, China keeps announcing the root out of terrorism, but on the other hand, it keeps pushing the back of terrorists. Why does China want to advocate in international forums against the terrorists against whom the Government of Pakistan has taken very strict steps?

Does he see this as proof of his ‘Ispati friendship’ with Pakistan? The governments of Pakistan themselves are fed up with these terrorists. They have ruined the lives of common citizens of Pakistan. They raise money with the help of sticks. These laws do not care about the rules. The governments of Pakistan also put them behind the bars, but why does China still favor them? What is the benefit to China from this? The only advantage for China is that these terrorists harm India.

That is, India’s loss is China’s gain. This thinking of China can prove to be very fatal for him someday. He probably has no idea that these terrorists are not close relatives. They can ride on the chest of China at any time by beating the back of the Uighur Muslims of China. If China favors Pakistani terrorists because they spread terrorism in India, then it should know that the image of Pakistan has been ruined all over the world due to these terrorists.

Even civilized and gentle citizens of Pakistan are being looked upon with suspicion all over the world. Pakistan has almost fulfilled the conditions for removing the sanctions imposed by the International ‘The Financial Action Task Force’ on Pakistan, but still the task force does not believe in it.

Pakistan will not get the green signal until the task force observers themselves come to Pakistan to verify the truth. Pakistan should hand over these terrorists to international courts if they cannot control themselves.

Shubham Bangwal

Shubham Bangwal is a Senior Journalist at You can follow him on Twitter @sb_0fficial
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