China: This young man was trapped in this balloon for two days, decided to cover a distance of 300 km, know the whole matter

In China’s Heilongjiang province, the young man had to juggle to climb the pine tree.

This world is full of strange adventures. Now one such case has come to light from China where a young man was trapped in a hydrogen balloon for two days. Meanwhile, the balloon had traveled 300 km. However, after this the young man was brought down safely.

what is the whole matter

According to the information, this case is from Heilongjiang province of China where two youths had reached the forest to collect fruits from pine trees. Due to the height of the pine tree, it was difficult to climb it. These two youths thought of using a hydrogen balloon to reach a tall tree through a jugaadoo. The two boarded a hydrogen balloon as the balloon spiraled out of control. Seeing the opportunity, a young man jumped, but a young man named Yongshu could not jump. He stayed in the balloon. Slowly the balloon went up. The friend who came from below took the help of the police for rescue. Police tried to trace the youth but could not get in touch with him. Efforts to bring him down continued for two days. The young man remained in the sky for two days while traveling in a balloon. In two days, the balloon covered a distance of 300 km.

life saved like this

After this, the police contacted the youth when he came within the range of the mobile phone. The policemen told the young man how to deflect the balloon. Finally the young man safely landed the balloon in the forest. In this way, two days later, he was rescued from 300 km away from the place from where he had taken off.

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