China: The girl who was worried about the ‘missing’ lover, was living happily with his wife and children

Boyfriend of 26-year-old girl suddenly went ‘missing’, investigation revealed that her boyfriend is married and has children too

This world is full of strange people. Here some people do not get a life partner, while some remain in a relationship with many people at once. One such case was seen in India’s neighboring country China. Something happened to a 26-year-old girl from China, knowing about which everyone wants that it should not happen to her as it happened to her! This girl’s boyfriend suddenly went ‘missing’. Even after several days, no one was found, so the girl took the help of Facebook to find her boyfriend. When the reality came in front of him in this investigation, the ground slipped under the feet of the girl.

According to the information, US-born and China-based Rachel Waters told in her Facebook post that her boyfriend Paul Magee went to Britain for some work. Due to Corona’s lockdown in China, Paul of Britain got stuck there and during this time he grew closer with Rachel and both got into a relationship. A few days after the lockdown was lifted, Paul went to his country, Britain, and after several days had passed, he neither returned nor did any message. With no contact with her boyfriend for a long time, Rachel started looking for Paul through Facebook. After contacting Pol’s friends on Facebook, Rachel came to know that Paul is married and has children and is currently living with his family.

Rachel couldn’t quite believe that the person she was so upset for was cheating on her. After knowing the fact, Rachel removed her post from Facebook, in which she had asked for information about Paul. Rachel is a professional volleyball player. For the time being, now Rachel has also decided to move on with her life.

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