China, Russia vetoed tough sanctions against North Korea at UN

New York | UN America China Russia : The US effort to impose tough sanctions against North Korea at the United Nations has suffered a major setback. China and Russia put their veto on the draft of tough sanctions against North Korea. Let us tell you that US President Joe Biden recently visited South Korea and Japan to discuss regional security and trade. Only after that North Korea launched three ballistic missiles towards the Sea of ​​Japan. In view of this, the US on Thursday offered a resolution to the United Nations Security Council to tighten sanctions against North Korea. On which China and Russia used their right of veto power.

Sanctions were imposed after missile test

UN America China Russia : According to a copy of the draft, the resolution imposed sanctions on North Korea after its first missile test in 2006. The sanctions have been tightened due to nuclear and ballistic missile programs. In addition, it has also sought a ban on the export of mineral fuels, mineral oils and other products of their distillation by North Korea, as well as bituminous substances, mineral waxes and watches. Along with this, all the member countries of the United Nations Security Council have been asked to ban the import of these products from North Korea.

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What was in the draft?

UN America China Russia : The resolution also seeks to ban UN Security Council member states from sending tobacco or other tobacco products directly or indirectly to North Korea, and from receiving technology-related services from North Korea. In addition, the draft states that member states will be authorized to confiscate and dispose of prohibited items in accordance with the resolution of the Security Council.

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