China Plane Crash: Boeing 737 plane crash, many people expected to die…( Watch Video)

New Delhi | China Plane Crash Latest : A big news has come from China, a plane accident has happened here. China’s own Boeing 737 aircraft has been reported to crash. Around 150 people are expected to be seated in the aircraft at the time of the accident. According to the reports going on in the Chinese media, this road accident happened in the South China Sea. However, it is not yet clear how many people have died or what is the number of injured in this accident. Let us tell you that this is not the first case when news from China is taking time. Even before this, there have been many such occasions when the news from China has been refined.

Rescue team has reached the spot

China Plane Crash Latest : According to Pakistani media, China Eastern Flight MU5735 met with an accident at 1:00 pm today. According to the information, Wah did not reach her destination after taking off from Kunming city. After which there was panic in the Chinese media. After investigation, it was found that this plane has crashed in the South China Sea. After this, the rescue team has reached the spot and continuous efforts are on to get the people out of there.

Death toll likely to rise

China Plane Crash Latest : It has been told that there was a sudden fire in the plane, after which this accident happened. This is the reason that it is believed that the number of deaths in this accident will be high. Let us tell you that even before this, aircraft of Boeing 737 model have been victims of accidents many times before. The plane that has fallen victim to the accident was only 6 years old, which was given by this airline in 2015. Talking about the aircraft, there is a total arrangement for traveling for 162 persons. There were 12 business class and 150 economy class seats.

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