Charles became Maharaj at the age of 73

London. After preparing to take the throne of Britain all his life, finally at the age of 73, Prince Charles has got the opportunity to sit on the throne of the country as ‘Her Majesty Charles III’. Charles will be the oldest king to sit on the throne of Britain. After the death of his mother Queen Elizabeth II on Thursday, he became the country’s next king. He was declared Maharaja on Friday.

According to the officials of the British Monarchy, Charles will take over the throne under the name of ‘Maharaj Charles III’. However, the date of Charles’s coronation has not yet been decided. The program of coronation is done by the British government and all the expenditure on it is also done by the government. The coronation of Elizabeth II took place some 16 months after she became Queen.

Nonetheless, Charles, the heir to the country’s throne by birth, has played an important role in the modernization of the British monarchy. Charles is the first royal heiress not to have been educated at home, as well as the first to receive a university degree and to live under the close eye of the media in an age of diminishing distance between the royal family and the general public.

He also became quite isolated after a controversial divorce with the hugely popular Princess Diana. He also several times ignored the rule barring members of the royal family from interfering in public affairs. He openly discussed issues like environmental protection and conservation of architectures.

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