Chandigarh University: MMS viral of 60 girls, accused girl arrested, students protest


By making a video of 60 girl students taking a bath in Chandigarh University, her own fellow student made it viral on the internet. There has been a lot of uproar in the university after this incident came to light.


Classmates carrying girl student after suicide attempt

Punjab: One in Chandigarh University Late in the night, the situation became uncontrollable when a girl student made a video of other girl students while taking a bath & Made video viral. After these videos surfaced, 8 girl students of the hostel have tried to commit suicide. The students created this ruckus at the gate number 2 of the university. Many students gathered here and they raised slogans fiercely. Later, after the arrival of the police and assurance of action, the students calmed down. According to sources, the condition of one of the girl students who committed suicide is critical. The police have registered a case in the matter and arrested the accused girl.

This incident is from Chandigarh University located in Mohali. At around 2.30 pm, many students reached here and demonstrated. The students have alleged that a girl student living in the girls’ hostel recorded a video of 60 girl students while taking a bath. The student used to send these videos to a boy. That boy used to upload those videos on the internet.

‘We want justice’ slogans

The students created a lot of ruckus in front of the university. The students raised slogans of ‘We want justice’ and protested at the university gate. The accused student has been identified. In the hostel, the university administration has questioned him in front of other girl students. The student told in the interrogation of the university administration that she had been making videos of the girl students for a long time. The boy to whom she used to send these videos is a resident of Shimla.

Eight girl students attempted suicide

When the girls saw those videos on the internet, the whole matter came to the fore. Due to this incident, 8 girl students living in the hostel have tried to commit suicide. According to the information received from the sources, the condition of one of these students is said to be serious. Rest of the girl students have been admitted to the hospital.

University management tried to suppress

The students have accused the Chandigarh University management of suppressing the matter. The students say that they had complained about this incident to the university management. But he did not take any action in this matter. Because of this, the anger of the students flared up and they reached the university late at night. The girl who made these videos was locked in the hostel room so that other students do not attack her. Later he is arrested by the police.

Police had to be called, lathi charge happened

Late in the night, the commotion increased so much that the security guards had to close the university gates. The students stood there and raised slogans. After this the police force was called to the spot. The anger of the students got further infuriated and they also tried to overturn the PCR vehicles. The police also had to lathi-charge to control the situation.

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Education Minister tweeted

In this entire matter, Punjab Education Minister Harjot Singh Bains tweeted and said, ‘I appeal to all the students of Chandigarh University to maintain peace. None of the guilty will be spared. He also appealed to maintain the seriousness of the matter. He said, ‘This is a very sensitive issue and is related to the respect of our sisters and daughters.’

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