Chances of Congress breaking down once again….?

Nowadays, a news channel is showing its advertisement on television, in which it is being told that there is no one far and wide to compete with him, if BJP broadcasts a similar advertisement with a smiling picture of Prime Minister Narendra Modi ji. Will be no surprise, because the country’s declared main opposition party Congress has become “the sun of the sky” and the Congress, which has set the record of “broken” till now, no wonder that it should break once again? Anyway, it is now preparing to lose the status of the main opposition party and is losing its existence, in this country’s oldest political party, now the existing old people have come in the posture of rebellion.

The reins of Congress are in the hands of the Nehru-Gandhi family since the independence of the country, even before independence, Pt. Motilal Nehru has been considered the main leader of this party, so if it is said that more than a hundred years of age It would not be wrong at all if the Congress has been dominated by the Nehru family for a hundred years. After Motilal ji, Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru, then his daughter Indira ji, then Indira’s son Rajiv-Sanjay and after that Rajiv ji’s foreign wife Sonia ji and her son Rahul Gandhi have been the surveyors of this party from generation to generation and even today they are In his hands is the command of the party.

The main objective of the birth of the Congress was to free the country from the clutches of the British and that is why the freedom fighters were mainly part of this party, whether they were Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose or Vallabhbhai Patel. Mahatma Gandhi himself, the father of the nation, had also raised the flag of independence under the flag of this party, in which he got success. After getting independence and freedom from the British rule, Mahatma Gandhi had advised Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru that the main objective of the Congress was independence, which has been accomplished, so this party should be closed now, but Pt. Nehru gave Gandhi’s advice. The advice was not paid attention at that time, but now only the present heirs of Nehru ji have taken a pledge to make the advice of the Father of the Nation a reality.

It is worth mentioning here that apart from being the oldest political party, the Congress has the record of breaking the most number of times and from Indira ji to Nijalingappa, Arjun Singh, Madhavrao Scindia etc., many times broke this party and formed their own new parties. . Now at present this party is in the hands of Sonia Rajiv and its disgruntled leaders are scattered all over India, although the leaders of the rebellion are usually youth, but here the reverse is the case, since it is the oldest party in the country, hence the current old It is the leaders who have raised the flag of rebellion, there are about two dozen such leaders, who have started increasing pressure on the party leadership by forming the “G-23” group and these are the people who are at the root of the party’s future breakdown. Before the Gujarat assembly elections, the party is trying to break.

That is why these days, where the Congress party is battling with its main rival BJP and its leading Prime Minister Narendra Modi, while a bigger challenge than Modi, its own leaders have posed in front of the leadership. Because it is the thinking of every leader that unless the party rises above familyism and does not come out of the Nehru-Gandhi family, it will not be saved. Now the main challenge before the Congress is to deal with its internal politics, while the Lok Sabha elections to be held after two years and the assembly elections of one and a half dozen states before that is the challenge, in such a situation, if its leadership has wisely taken everyone along. If the effort is not made, the party’s “Ram Naam Satya” is sure.

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