CEO Saugat Gupta got the highest salary in the FMCG sector in the financial year 2022.

Gupta’s salary and allowances increased by 157 percent in FY 2022

Saugat Gupta, CEO of Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) Marico, saw a 157 per cent hike in salaries and allowances in FY22, making him the highest-paid CEO in the segment. Gupta’s salary was Rs 14.02 crore in the year 2021, which has increased to Rs 36.1 crore in the financial year 2022. However, a significant portion of their revenue came from employee stock ownership plans and limited stock units, in which the company gives its shares to employees. Saugata Gupta earned Rs 22.47 crore from the Prerequisites ESOP/RSU $ bucket in FY 2022, while last year he earned Rs 3.36 crore from this bucket.

Sanjiv Mehta, MD and CEO of Hindustan Unilever Limited, also saw a 47 percent increase in his salary and allowances. In the financial year 2021, his salary was 15 crores, which in 2022 his salary reached 22 crores. Mehta received Rs 3.7 crore as salary, Rs 9.2 crore as allowance, Rs 4.3 crore as bonus and Rs 4.2 crore as other allowances including long-term incentives. Meanwhile, Mehta, the highest paid FMCG CEO in 2020, saw a 21% drop in his salary in 2021.

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