Central Govt: 10 lakh rupees will be available on depositing only Rs 1999 in this scheme of the central government


Central Government Scheme: Many types of schemes are run by the central government, under which many benefits are given to the customers. In many of these schemes, financial assistance is given to the customers. Recently, a message is becoming increasingly viral on social media, in which it is written that the central government is giving the benefit of full Rs 10 lakh on depositing only Rs 1999. Let us tell you about the truth of this message-

PIB investigated
When PIB came to know about this message, they told that no such notification has been issued by the Central Government. Nor is the central government giving any such benefit during the festive season.

PIB tweeted
In a letter allegedly issued under PM Mudra Yojana, it is being claimed to provide loan on depositing ₹1999. PIB wrote in the tweet that no such letter has been issued under the Pradhan Mantri Mudra Yojana. Beware of such fraudulent attempts in the name of the central government.

Check official website
PIB said that no such scheme is being run by the government. Apart from this, for information about any central government scheme, you should check the official website related to it. Apart from this, the official Twitter account. Apart from this, any message going viral on social media should not be believed.

You can also do fact check of viral messages
Let us tell you that you can also do the fact check of PIB. For fact check with PIB, you can send to https://factcheck.pib.gov.in/ or whatsapp number +918799711259 or email: [email protected]. This information is also available on PIB website https://pib.gov.in.

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