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Sunday, July 12, 2020
Somiya Negi

Somiya Negi: The Journey of a Blogger

Somiya Negi is a blogger and model by profession who is well known for somiyanegi13. She was born on 13 October 2002, and her birth sign is Libra. She...
Vishnu Gouda aka thebombayblogger

To Stand Out From The Crowd and Create Your Own Style

We all know Vishnu Gouda (thebombayblogger) for his looks and social media presence. The man who is acquiring a good growth on social media these days. He is very...
Pranay ranjan, who is pranay ranjan, founder of YourWayDigital

Pranay Ranjan: An Experienced Digital Entrepreneur 

Pranay Ranjan is an 18-year-old young and brilliant software developer from Lucknow. Pranay started Entrepreneurship at the age of 15 as a Youngest Digital Entrepreneur. He is an influential...
Aditi Negi, Indowestern Girl, Aditislookbook

Meet Aditi Negi: The Indowestern Girl

Aditi Negi, 20, She has completed SSC and HSC, now what's next? Where would life take her now was her fear? She was talented but couldn't find her way...
Anmol Gugnani, who is Anmol Gugnani, Anmol Gugnani fitness model

Anmol Gugnani: Fitness Model and an Inspiration for Youth

Anmol Gugnani needs no introduction, going by the popularity he has gained in the last few years amongst the young generation. Anmol born and brought up in a farmer...
Saurabh Mehta, who is Saurabh Mehta, Saurabh Mehta aka sam, Saurabh Mehta actor

All You Need To Know About The Successful Modeling Career of Saurabh Mehta

Today we are going to cover all the things that you should know about Saurabh Mehta and his successful modelling career. Saurabh Mehta, popularly known as Sam, is a blogger,...
Anas Khan, Anas Khan digital marketer

Anas Khan: On The Way of His Digital Marketing Voyage

Anas Khan is the digital marketer and a vlogger from Delhi. Digital marketing and vlogging is the considerable trending nook that acquires a ton of opportunities and is the...
harman jolly projectify.in

Harman Jolly: A 19 Year Old Indian Entrepreneur

Harman Jolly is an Indian entrepreneur who has made a big name in the digital marketing world. Harman Jolly is an influencer & entrepreneur to name a few. Aged...
Issa Shamma A Lebanese Entrepreneur

Meet Young Entrepreneur Issa Shamma Who Is Known For His Marketing Strategies

Issa Shamma is a Lebanese entrepreneur who has made a big name in the digital marketing world. Issa is an influencer, artist, entrepreneur, blogger, to name a few. Aged...
PRATHAM SINGH: World's Youngest Leading Digital Marketing Guru

PRATHAM SINGH: World’s Youngest Leading Digital Marketing Guru on the Aisle of Fortune

Some people are born with the silver wing in their hat, but some earn that wing by exemplifying their chore by using the space of enormous knowledge and certain...
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