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Monday, November 30, 2020
Aditi Negi, Indowestern Girl, Aditislookbook

Meet Aditi Negi: The Indowestern Girl

Aditi Negi, 20, She has completed SSC and HSC, now what's next? Where would life take her now was her fear? She was talented but couldn't find her way...

Komal Dixit: This Young Girl Is Using Social Media For Social Good

This is the journey of Classywomenn and its creator Komal Dixit. A 19 years old girl, belonging to a small village of Haryana (INDIA), never wanted to accept the fact...

15 Life Changing Quotes Of Osho

Osho Rajneesh was an Indian cult leader, spiritual teacher and creator of dynamic meditation.  Here are 15 quotes of Osho to turn you outside in !   1. The past is no...
Manish Mehta Founder of Menwithquote & SocialGyan

Manish Mehta: A Young Boy Is Using Social Media For Social Good

Manish Mehta Founder of Menwithquote & SocialGyan chats with us about how he generated an Instagram following of over 600k by sharing his Motivational contents, Positive mental attitude, and...
Abhishek Bardia

Meet Abhishek Bardia: An Upcoming Bollywood Actor

Abhishek Bardia is a talented actor from Maharashtra. Acting is an art in which very few are blessed. Passion and practice can make you even better than the most...
Pratulya Sharma, Asia's Youngest Digital Entrepreneur

Pratulya Sharma: Asia’s Youngest Digital Entrepreneur

To be a digital Entrepreneur is not everyone's cup of tea these days because of the cut-throat competition. But Asia's Youngest Digital Entrepreneur Pratulya Sharma is acing the space...
Arham Surana

Meet Arham Surana: A Young Indian Entrepreneur

Meet Arham Surana, a young Indian entrepreneur who started his career studying side by side, had a dream of achieving something big. This young man has an enormous social...

Digital Disruptor Abhinav Pundir’s Transition From A Influencer To An Entrepreneur Is Every Bit...

Abhinav Pundir is one of the most successful and most loved people of his age. At this young age, he is an SEO expert and he also runs a...

From rags to riches. story of Gursewak singh jassal a young entrepreneur from india

Our generation is very clear about their goals. They know what they want to achieve and they keep working on their skills. Today’s generation is ambitious, dedicated,...
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