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Wednesday, March 3, 2021
Manish Singh, ZZED MEDIA

Manish Singh: Youngest Digital Entrepreneur Set A Benchmark and Became Youngest Millionaire in India

Every year new agencies are getting started worldwide by young and learned digital marketers. From the best, I show Manish Singh, who is a Founder and CEO of ZZED...
Swapnil Jamne

Swapnil Jamne: An Influencer Working Hard To Turn His Dream Into Reality

Swapnil Jamne, A very young power from Balaghat, a town of Madhya Pradesh. Currently, He lives in Bhopal. He is chasing his dream by Quotes, Memes, Inner Feelings at...
Joseph A Irving All aka Jay Pareil

Joseph A Irving All aka Jay Pareil: The Prominent Music Artist Acing The Space

Music is something that works as a stress reliever for numerous. There are a lot of musicians blessed with the beautiful voice that creates an authentic aura. One among...
Nishit Sangwan

Nishit Sangwan: A 16-Year-Old Digital Influencer

Today we are going to talk about a 16-year-old digital influencer who is going to make a debut in Bollywood in 2020. Nishit Sangwan is a young influencer on...
Anusheel Chowdry

Meet Anusheel Chowdry: An 18 Year Old, Chennai based Youngest Ultimate Entrepreneur & Social...

Anusheel Chowdry completed his schooling in DAV Boys Senior Secondary School, Chennai & was the cultural secretary of his school. With his very own efforts & dedication he got...
Vansh Sadh

Vansh Sadh: One Of The Leading Marketing Influencer In India

No doubt, In today's world Technology has rooted itself to almost every profession, not only professions but to our lives as well. And in this technological era, even entrepreneurship...
Alekh Kumar Parida

Alekh Kumar Parida: Young and talented influencer is making soon Bollywood debut

Bollywood is the only industry that doesn’t ask for your qualifications but only for your skills and talent. Alekh Kumar Parida, a digital influencer, is soon going to make...
Siddhant Thakran

Meet Siddhant Thakran: India’s Youngest Business Developer

The New Age Digital Star! At one point online marketing was just a new and different way to market. It opened up a new form of media on which...
Pratulya Sharma, Asia's Youngest Digital Entrepreneur

Pratulya Sharma: Asia’s Youngest Digital Entrepreneur

To be a digital Entrepreneur is not everyone's cup of tea these days because of the cut-throat competition. But Asia's Youngest Digital Entrepreneur Pratulya Sharma is acing the space...
Vaibhav Popli

Vaibhav Popli: India’s Youngest Digital Marketing Expert

Today we're going to talk about Vaibhav Popli, who is one of the youngest digital marketing experts in India. He is from Sirsa, Haryana and 17 years old now....
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