Cases increased in Delhi amid relief from Corona, 861 infected, active cases remained in the country today, 11 thousand

New Delhi | Corona Update: Even though the news of relief is being seen in new cases of corona infection in the country. But during a week, there has been an increase in corona cases in many states including the capital Delhi. In the last one week in Delhi and Haryana, the pace of corona infection has been seen increasing again. During the last 24 hours, 861 new infections have been reported in the country and 6 deaths have been registered. Meanwhile, 929 people have returned home after recovering from Corona.

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Panic of infection increasing again
Corona Update: The fear of fourth wave in the country has started scaring again because, in the second and third wave also, the cases of corona decreasing in the same way started increasing again. At the same time, the new variant XE of Corona found in Mumbai and Gujarat has created a stir. Apart from this, two schools in Ghaziabad, UP, after 5 cases of corona were reported, schools have been closed and online education has been started. At the same time, 141 new cases were registered in the capital Delhi on Sunday, while one patient has also died.

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Corona’s latest situation in the country so far
Total discharge till now – 4 crore 25 lakh 03 thousand 383
Total active cases now – 11 thousand 058
Total vaccination so far – 185 crore 74 lakh 18 thousand 827 doses

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