Car fell into a canal from a bridge in Punjab, painful death of 5 people, one saved his life by swimming

Chandigarh | Punjab Car Accident: The news of a horrific road accident has come to light in Punjab. In which 5 people have died due to the uncontrolled car drowning in the canal. Another injured has also been reported in this. This accident happened late last night near Payal Nagar in Ludhiana. Let us tell you that even in the past, a car collided with a bus and fell into the Bhakra canal. In which also five people died tragically.

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late night accident
According to the information received from the police, a car from village Jhammat bridge near Payal at around 11.30 pm went uncontrollably and went into the canal. A total of 6 people are said to be in the car. On receiving information about the accident, the police reached the spot and with the help of local residents got the car out of the canal. During this the car was badly damaged. The police have recovered the bodies of five people and the postmortem of the dead bodies has been done on Tuesday. In the preliminary investigation of the police, it is coming to the fore that the car went uncontrolled from the bridge and went into the canal.

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Life saved by swimming, treatment going on in hospital
It has come to the fore in the information that, among the occupants of the car, a person also knew how to swim. In such a situation, when the car fell into the canal, they somehow got out of the car and swam to the shore and survived the accident. He has been admitted to the hospital in an injured condition. where he is being treated.

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