Canada: This family went on a world tour with a special purpose, know what is the reason

Parents want to show their children the world before they become completely blind under a particular disease

There are both good and bad days in the life of any person. We teach a lot these days. This lesson can be of many types. Sometimes we learn to move forward even after all the difficulties in life, and sometimes we learn to enjoy every moment of life without panic even in the most difficult situations. This one couple living in Canada is doing something similar! A family of six with four children and parents has embarked on a ‘world-tour’. Actually, this couple is very worried about the children for the last few years. Actually, the children of these families are battling such a disease due to which their eyesight can be lost at any time.

3 out of 4 children have a particular disease

According to the report, Sebastine Palatier and Idith Lemay, who live in Canada, have four children. With these four, this couple constantly goes to other countries and enjoys a lot there. The couple aims to show the world to their 3 out of 4 children before they become blind. The eyes of their children will be covered with pigment due to a disease and these children will be unable to see. However, his 9-year-old son Leo does not have the disease. Doctors named this disease as retinitis pigmentosa. It starts to fade with age. In such a situation, the couple thought that before the children lose their eyesight, they want to show them to the whole world, with this purpose this entire family of Canada has gone on a world tour. So that their memories remain in their eyes forever.

no cure for this disease

The saddest part is that there is no cure for this disease at this stage. But the eldest of them, Mia, knows that by the time she is 30, she will be completely blind. So his mother Edith Lemay and father Sebastian Pelvetier took this decision. Eddie told reporters “I thought, I didn’t just want to show them the ‘elephant’ in the book. I want to show them the real elephant and I want them to keep the things they’ve seen in their memory. I want That they remember the pictures of the most beautiful things in the world.”

One by one all the four children came in the grip of this disease.

First of all, this disease happened in their house to three-year-old daughter Mia. He was getting treatment for it that 7-year-old Colin and 5-year-old Lauren also started having similar problems. The doctors also confirmed the same disease in both of them about which Mia was told. Now his fourth son has also come in the grip of this disease.

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