Canada also called Russian attack a genocide

Kyiv, After US President Joe Biden, now Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has also called Russia’s barbaric attack on Ukraine a genocide. He said Canada took the initial initiative to hold President Vladimir Putin accountable for war crimes at the International Criminal Court. Keep in mind that President Biden has repeatedly called the Russian attack a genocide and Putin a war criminal.

However, the French President refused to call it a genocide. This angered Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. Zelensky has said that Emmanuel Macron’s words during the war have hurt us even more. Earlier on Wednesday, French President Emmanuel Macron refused to call the Russian killings in Ukraine a genocide. Although, Macron called the Russian attack a brutal war. He said that what is happening, That’s madness. Macron said that the use of the word genocide should be avoided, Because there is brotherhood between Russia and Ukrainian people.

however, Russian attack on Ukraine 50 The days are over. Despite this, the war between the two countries does not seem to stop. The ongoing talks to restore peace between the two countries have also stopped. Meanwhile, Russia has accused Ukraine of firing. Roman Starovit, the governor of Russia’s western city of Kursk, said on Wednesday that Ukraine had opened fire on him. After this, the Russian army has threatened to attack Ukrainian command centers in the Ukrainian capital Kyiv. Russia said it had so far refrained from doing so. But Ukrainian troops are attacking Russian territory. If such cases continue, So the Russian army will attack the command centers of Kyiv.

Meanwhile, Ukraine has badly destroyed a Russian warship in the Black Sea. The Russian Defense Ministry has confirmed this saying – Neptune missiles protecting the Black Sea caused great damage to the Russian ship. However, Russia has claimed that everyone inside the ship was evacuated before the explosion.

Bikram Singh Sidhu

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