Business: Facility to generate e-invoice for traders with turnover of more than 10 crores started from month ago

The rule of making e-invoices will be applicable from October 1, the facility of starting a month in advance to understand the traders

From October 1, the rule of generating e-invoice on the portal itself is going to be implemented before selling the goods for traders with turnover of more than 10 crores. However, earlier traders have been requested to generate e-challan on the portal itself.

Let us tell you that this facility has been started on GSTN portal a month back so that traders do not have to face last minute hassle in generating e-invoices, as a large number of traders with a turnover of more than 10 crores have already made e-invoices. – Invoice not generated. , When the rules are going to come into force from October 1, they may also have to face problems. Due to this, if this facility is provided on the portal one month in advance, then it has been requested to generate e-invoice one month in advance, keeping in mind that the traders can understand it adequately and it should be done before the rules come into force. be implemented properly.

Time given to understand the process of generating e-invoice

In this regard, Tax Advisor Pawan Shah said that due to the large number of traders having a turnover of more than 10 crores, it may take time for them to understand the whole process of generating e-invoice. It seems that this decision has been taken keeping in mind that if traders start implementing it a month in advance, then when it is implemented compulsorily from 1st October, the traders will be less troubled.

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