Bulldozers roared in Jahangirpuri, ransacked from shops to houses despite the order of the Supreme Court

New Delhi | Bulldozers in Jahangirpuri: After the violence in Jahangirpuri in the capital Delhi, now a new controversy has arisen. Despite the Supreme Court’s order here, there was a thunderstorm over bulldozer encroachments in the area. After the Jahangirpuri violence, the action of running a bulldozer on illegal construction has been carried out by the MCD here.

A stay order has been given by the Supreme Court on this action of MCD. Despite that, the Yellow Claw did not stop and it roared around the mosque in the area, demolishing the encroachments ranging from many shops to houses. This action of MCD started from this morning. But now the matter is sub-judice in the Supreme Court.

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Copy of Supreme Court order not found
After the violence on the occasion of Hanuman Janmotsav in Jahangirpuri, Delhi, the administration has started showing strictness. In Jahangirpuri, the MCD has vacated many illegal encroachments with bulldozers this morning and razed the illegal constructions on the roads. In such a situation, the Supreme Court has stayed this action of MCD and ordered to maintain the status quo. But in spite of that, action continued to be taken here. In this regard, MCD says that, till now we have not received the copy of the Supreme Court order and till the copy is not received, the action will continue.

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Bulldozers in Jahangirpuri: Let us tell you, regarding this matter in the Supreme Court, Dushyant Dave said in the Supreme Court that illegal action is being taken, for which no notice has been given. On this, the Supreme Court has directed to maintain the status quo in the area for the time being. In Jahangirpuri, North Delhi Mayor Raja Iqbal Singh said that the anti-encroachment drive would be stopped soon as soon as the copy of the Supreme Court order is received.

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