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Bulldozer on constitutional system

If bulldozers are running on people’s homes in Uttar Pradesh, then what is the surprise in this! After all, the Bharatiya Janata Party had sought votes by showing a bulldozer. Bulldozers were erected in BJP’s election rallies. Their tableaux were decorated. The leaders used to ask for votes by climbing on the bulldozers and promised that if the elections were won, the bulldozers would continue to run. The face on which BJP was contesting the election was called ‘Bulldozer Baba’. So, it is not surprising if Baba is getting bulldozers running there after winning the election. Those who are being surprised should be asked whether they were expecting that the BJP may have bulldozer votes but won’t use it after winning the election? If he thought so, it means that he had no idea of ​​the changing direction of politics.

In fact, the bulldozer is a symbol of a great change in Indian politics and society. It is a symbol of Indian society or at least a large group becoming fanatical and violent and the feeling of revenge towards a particular community prevailing. Bigotry, violence and revenge are so ingrained in the mind that a large population is sharing the video and photos of the demolition of Mohammad Javed’s house in Prayagraj. By sharing videos of police lathi-lashing those protesting against objectionable remarks on Prophet Mohammad, if a ruling party MLA calls him ‘return gift’, then one can guess in which direction the country’s politics and society is moving. If a leader of the ruling party, referring to the bulldozer action that took place the day after the Muslims’ protest after Friday prayers, says that ‘after every Friday there is a Saturday’, then one can understand how the state’s excesses would be justified. It is being made mainstream political discourse.

With the help of bulldozers, the growing faith in speedy justice is also a sign of all the constitutional institutions of the country including the judiciary becoming irrelevant because the bulldozer is not running on any person or his house, but on the constitutional system. Only then is it time to decide whether the country will run according to the constitutional system or will run by bulldozers? Can it be thought in a civilized society and in a society governed by rules and regulations that the state will take such action against its own citizens? Can an elected government in a civilized state be allowed to play the role of police, lawyer and judge? But the government running the bulldozer is considering itself above every law and every constitutional system. He doesn’t even care about the basic principle of justice and this is because he is confident that the people who voted for him will be happy and support it. In this sense, it is not just the arbitrariness of a government or the failure of the constitutional system, but also the failure of India and its citizens as a civilized society.

It can also be considered as a sign of the country and society moving towards anarchy. Elected autocracy of the world’s largest democracy can also be considered a sign of changing into a system of government i.e. Elected Autocracy. In this system, the government will decide when who will protest, on whose performance lathi is to be used, whom to arrest, whom to encounter, whose property is to be confiscated or whose house is to be bulldozed. Earlier this work was done by law but now it is being done by the will of the power. The government saw that Mohammad Javed was involved in the demonstration after Friday prayers, then suddenly the government realized that the house where Javed lives was illegal. So, on Saturday he was given notice and on Sunday he was bulldozed and demolished the house. Later it was found that the house did not belong to Javed. The house was in the name of Javed’s wife Parveen Fatima, which was gifted to him by his father. The entire family lived in the same house and had a valid electricity-water connection, whose bill was paid on time. It is not that the officials of Prayagraj Development Authority would not know these things. They would also know but since the name of the accused is Javed and Sarkar Bahadur wants his house to be demolished if it is demolished, what will happen later will be seen.

Can Prayagraj Development Authority guarantee that the rest of the houses in front or behind Javed’s house are completely legal or that there is no illegal construction in them? If so, when will it be time to destroy them? Actually this is not action against illegal construction at all. This action is to teach a lesson. Identifying the man by name and taking the most barbaric action against him is to set an example so as to create fear. This is a political action, the purpose of which is to give a message to our supporters that look, we are doing what we promised. But keep in mind that the bulldozer that is running at Javed’s house today will not always continue to run at Javed’s house. Remember how a Jha Saheb’s paan shop in Jahangirpuri, Delhi became the first victim of a bulldozer. If the rule of law ends, there will be no guarantee as to who will be the next victim of the power craze. So stop celebrating the erosion of the rule of law and the collapse of the constitutional order and recognize the future danger. Every action taken without giving time to the accused and without listening to his side is going to weaken the constitutional system of the country and the weakening of the Constitution-law and rule of law will cause the weakness of every human being, be it Hindu or Muslim.

Shubham Bangwal

Shubham Bangwal is a Senior Journalist at You can follow him on Twitter @sb_0fficial
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