‘Bulldozer Baba’ from UP reached Delhi via MP

New Delhi | Bulldozer Row: One after the other, a new ruckus is being created in the country. Sometimes the hijab episode appears from schools and sometimes loudspeakers from temples and mosques. Their doom did not calm down that now ‘Bulldozer’ has been exposed. It is very strange is not this ‘bulldozer’ just keeps on moving. Never gets tired Whenever someone has to be destroyed, no matter how long the journey is, he runs tirelessly and takes breath only after hitting the target. What’s the matter with this bulldore? Before the recent elections, it roared in Uttar Pradesh and turned the luxurious bungalows of big mafia into dust. After which UP CM Yogi Adityanath also became famous as ‘Bulldozer Baba’. Yogi also used to say proudly, Look, there is a bulldozer standing in my meeting. Bulldozer Baba’s cheers were also heard in the assembly elections.

Bulldozer politics

‘Bulldozer’ became ‘Bulldozer Mama’ in MP
When this bulldore progressed from UP, it reached Madhya Pradesh and there CM Shivraj Singh Chauhan was known as ‘Bulldozer Mama’. Following the path of UP CM Yogi Adityanath, MP CM Shivraj Singh also started bulldozers on illegal constructions in the state to crack down on miscreants. The opposition kept shouting and Shivraj continued to bulldoze water on the intentions of the criminals as well as on their houses and shops.

Bulldozer roared in the capital Delhi too
Moving at a great speed, the bulldozer finally reached the capital of the country, Delhi as well. After the violence during the Hanuman Janmotsav procession in Jahangirpuri, Jahangirpuri once again came into the limelight and bulldozers were seen roaring on illegal encroachment. Illegal encroachers, who did not listen to anyone, were seen battered before this bulldozer and were engaged in removing their belongings from the illegal encroachments on their own.

The bulldozer has tied the opposition parties in the thread of unity!
Bulldozer Row: As the bulldozer is roaring in the country, the opposition is attacking the Narendra Modi government at the center itself. Former Congress President Rahul Gandhi has also raised his voice in the meantime and has said that this bulldozer has not run in Jahangirpur, but the bulldozer is running on the constitution of the country. Now bulldozing has become a political issue. Aam Aadmi Party leader and MLA Atishi says that this bulldozer should be run at the BJP headquarters. In such a situation, how West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata didi was going to be calm in this matter, she should also get a chance, so targeting the BJP government, she said that, we do not do the work of dividing the people. Well whatever it may be, but Jai Ho Bulldozer Teri which united the opposition parties of the entire country in the thread of unity.

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