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Breast Cancer Me Kya Khaye: Breast cancer is a type of cancer that occurs in the breast. According to a survey, breast cancer in Indian women is increasing rapidly. Cancer occurs when cells grow out of control.

In most cases, breast cancer cells have been observed to form a tumour. Which can be felt as a Stan Me Ganth. Breast cancer usually occurs in women (Mahilao Me Breast Cancer), but in rare cases it can also occur in men (Male Breast Cancer).

breast cancer cells form a tumor pic(social media)

Although not all lumps in the breast can be classified as cancerous, non-cancerous breast tumors are a common growth. Today we will tell you what things you should include in your diet, which can reduce the risk of breast cancer-

What is breast cancer

Breast is one of the main organs of the body, whose function is to make milk from its own tissues. When small hard particles start to accumulate in the breast cancer vessels or small lumps form in the breast tissue, then the cancer starts growing. This is called breast cancer.

How Is Breast Cancer

Changes in menstruation.

– Drug use.

Genetic reasons.

Symptoms of breast cancer

Lumps under the breast or arms.

Change in breast size.

– Breast or reddening.

– Bleeding from the breast.

– Heaviness in breast.

– Burning in the breast, shrinking of the lines.

Separation of any part of the breast from other parts.

– Stiffness in the breast than before.

Contact a doctor immediately if you get diagnosed with the disease pic(social media)

Breast Cancer Treatment

There are many ways to treat breast cancer, such as chemotherapy, radiation, surgery, etc.

To reduce the risk of breast cancer, include these things in your diet (Diet to reduce the risk of breast cancer)

1- Consumption of black tea

By consuming black tea daily, you can avoid breast cancer. The element called epigallo catechin gallate found in it prevents the uncontrolled growth of tumor cells.

2- Green tea intake

Green tea is also helpful in protecting against breast cancer. The anti-inflammatory properties found in green tea are helpful in preventing the growth of breast cancer.

3- Do not consume hot tea (Avoid Hot Tea)

Drinking too hot tea can also be a cause of breast cancer, because the hot temperature increases the cancer cells.

4- Vitamin D intake

Vitamin D helps stop the growth of cancer cells.

5- Vitamin C

It also protects you from breast cancer. It strengthens your immune system and prevents cancer cells from growing.



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