Breast cancer can be avoided

You Wouldn’t Know That 2019 in the country, This led to the untimely death of more than two lakh women. By the way, its treatment is possible with medical advance. But life is only 5 if not treated year. More than one million cases of breast cancer are reported in our country every year. Hair loss during treatment, loss of appetite, irregular periods, night sweats, There are problems like vaginal dryness and changes in skin texture, In such a situation, the support of family and friends is very important to stay mentally strong.

Breast cancer (breast) means that the physical beauty is gone, but along with it it has also become life. You would not know that in 2019, in the country, more than two lakh women died due to this. By the way, its treatment is possible with medical advance. But if not treated, life is only 5 years. There are more than one million cases of breast cancer in our country every year.

Why does breast cancer happen?

In this, the cell multiplication process, the cells formed by being uncontrolled, healthy cells of the body, starts to be destroyed, the result is cancer growth. This growth can occur anywhere in the body, the result of its occurrence in the breast is breast cancer.

The lobule gland of the breast (breast) produces milk that travels through the duct to the nipple. Breast cancer, growing in breast cells, spreads to the lobules and ducts. Sometimes the fatty tissue of the breast also becomes vulnerable. It starts with the formation of lumps in the breast, which can be more than one. If not detected in time, it starts spreading through the lymph node to other parts of the body.

What are the symptoms of breast cancer?

Its common symptoms are lump in the breast, pain, redness, blood or fluid leaking from the nipple, skin peeling, sudden change in breast size-shape, inner turning of the nipple, lump and swelling in the armpits.

But these symptoms do not always mean cancer, the same symptoms emerge from non-cancerous lumps. If a combination of severe breast pain and lumps suspects cancer, visit a doctor to be worry-free.

As far as fluid leakage from the breast nipple is concerned, it also happens due to infection. Do not worry too much about breast pain, it is also caused by hormonal imbalance in periods, taking birth-control pills, hormone therapy and wearing the wrong size bra.

Remember pain in a breast lump is not as dangerous as the formation of a new painless lump. Doctors consider it a common symptom of breast cancer. Along with this, changes in nipple shape, pain and lump after periods, and feeling of corner in the lump can be the beginning of breast cancer.

In the advanced stage of breast cancer, one breast enlargement, increased lump size, orange peel skin texture, vaginal pain, weight loss, enlarged lymph nodes and veins appear in the breast.

In rare cases, breast cancer also occurs in men. The chances of a lump formed in the male breast becoming cancerous are higher than that of women.

Who has more risk?

Its risk increases with age, in most cases, women aged 55 or older fall prey to it. Daily drinking, BRCA gene mutation, younger periods, first delivery after 35, heavy breasts, hormone therapy and late menopause increase the risk of breast cancer. It has two types – invasive and noninvasive. Invasive cancer spreads through the breast duct and gland to other parts of the breast, whereas non-invasive cancer does not spread beyond the original tissue.

How to avoid breast cancer?

Awareness can save from breast cancer. To reduce this risk, stop drinking daily, quit smoking, lose weight, eat a healthy diet and exercise regularly. Women after 40, get a breast exam done once a year. Mammography is required once a year for women over 50, but not if they are over 75. If there is a family history of BRCA gene mutation, then definitely inform the doctor at the time of checkup.

Check your breasts from time to time. For this, fix one day in the month. See a doctor as soon as you see changes in the breast. When cancer is detected, start treatment immediately, delay in this can be fatal. The stage, type and size of the lump matters in its treatment. Surgery is done in most cases, along with chemotherapy, target therapy, radiation and hormone therapy is also needed.


It has negative effect on both body and mind. During treatment, problems such as hair fall, loss of appetite, irregular periods, night sweats, vaginal dryness and changes in skin texture occur, so the support of family and friends is very important to stay mentally strong. If a cancerous breast is removed, don’t panic, see a plastic surgeon and get advice about breast reconstruction. Do not allow weight gain after surgery, increase the amount of fruits and vegetables in your diet, reduce sugar, drink more water, make deep breathing and regular exercise a habit.

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