Bollywood’s Gujarat connection, now this Gujarati boy will become the producer of Abbas Mustan’s film

Gujaratis have been active in Bollywood since its inception. In a way, Gujaratis have been the biggest contributor to the growth of Bollywood and this is going on continuously. Now another name is going to join in this sequence. The name of Parth Rawal, who entered this Maya city by legal profession, is going to be included in this. Taking a big step, this young man from Ahmedabad is preparing to make a film of famous film director Abbas Mustan. According to sources, the film will be an action thriller like most of Abbas Mustan’s films, whose title is yet to be released. The film is currently in the pre-production stage. But one thing the team has already decided that it will be a film that will not let the audience get up from their seats.

Regarding this, Parth says, “He has always been a film lover. He was eager to enter this business. Parth further said that ever since he started working on this idea, the name of Abbas Mustan first came to his mind. The scale and style in which both of them have made a film is amazing and only they can do it. “I have been a fan of Abbas Mustan and his films since childhood,” he added. He is a great personality associated with the land. His positivity and knowledge of his work is amazing. They keep on doing something new all the time. This film will also give something new to the audience.

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Yash Vashishtha

Yash Vashishtha is a Senior journalist at Youthistaan.com working since 2017 who covers latest and trending topics.
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