Bollywood Wrap: From Sushant Singh Rajput’s T-shirt controversy to Tiger-Disha breakup, 5 big Bollywood news

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Bollywood Wrap

Bollywood Wrap: news related to sushant singh rajput. Famous actor Sushant Singh Rajput passed away in the year 2020. Even after 2 years of his death, people stand for his support and recently Flipkart did something that people started demanding Boycott Flipkart. Actually there is a T-shirt on Flipkart’s website which has a picture of Sushant Singh Rajput and a quotation is written on it. It is written in the quotation – Depression is like Drowning. This t-shirt is being sold on Flipkart for Rs.179. Fans got so angry that Boycott Flipkart started trending on Twitter.

Rumors are that Tiger Shroff and Disha Patani have a breakup, according to the latest reports, Tiger and Disha have parted ways and both have broken the 6-year-old relationship. It is not clear what happened between the two, but both are still single. Their relationship was in trouble for the past one year. According to a friend of Tiger, Tiger is not affected by this breakup but is focusing on work.

While there are reports of Tiger and Disha’s breakup, some time back Shamita and Rakesh also broke up. Shamita and Rakesh have announced on their social media accounts that their paths have now parted and they are no longer together. Giving the news of the breakup of this relationship, Shamita wrote on her Insta story, ‘I think it is necessary to tell … Rakesh and I are not together now … and have not been for some time, but this music video is for all those beautiful fans. For those who loved and supported us so much. Keep showering your love on us like this. That is positivity. Love and gratitude to all of you.’

Bollywood Wrap

Image Source : INSTAGRAM

Bollywood Wrap

Amidst the news of Alia Bhatt’s pregnancy, when people started questioning her that becoming a mother at the peak of her career is her bad decision, Alia has answered it in an interview. The actress said- “Whatever women do, it is made the headline. Whether she has decided to become a mother, whether she is dating someone, whether she is going for a cricket match or on a holiday. Nowadays, everything is made into a ruckus, for whatever reason, the eyes are always on the choice of women. Ranbir has jokingly shot an ax on his own feet.

Lastly, it was about entertainment queen Rakhi Sawant. The drama queen is once again in limelight, this time Rakhi Sawant has broken the traffic rules. Rakhi parked her car on the middle road, causing a long traffic jam on the streets of Mumbai. Rakhi’s video has gone viral on social media and people are telling her the truth.

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