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Bollywood: Due to this act, this actress lost the nomination of Bollywood’s biggest awards ceremony

Kangana was nominated in the category of Best Actress for Filmfare, one of the biggest Bollywood awards.

These days Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut is in discussion about her comments more than her films. Recently, Kangana was nominated in the category of Best Actress for Filmfare, one of Bollywood’s biggest awards. Kangana got this nomination for her film Thalaivi. However, Kangana started making false and baseless allegations against the magazine. After which Kangana’s nomination has been withdrawn by issuing a long statement to the magazine.

This is what the magazine said on Kangana’s statements

Let us tell you that after Kangana’s malicious statement, Filmfare Awards reacted by saying that the actress was not asked to present the award or perform at the event. The magazine has also published the message that was sent to Kangana for her nomination. Filmfare reported that the message read, ‘Namaste Kangana, best wishes for your Filmfare Award nomination. It would be great if you could be there, please confirm your presence on 30th August at Jio World Convention Center in BKC, Mumbai. This will help you to reserve your seat. Please send us your home address so that we can send you invitations. However, the actress gave a different statement about this, after which Filmfare canceled Kangana’s nomination.

Significantly, the magazine has also said in its long message that the allegations made by Kangana Ranaut are false and baseless. They wanted to invite Kangana to the ceremony and celebrate Indian cinema with all the film actors. Filmfare in their message has also clarified that they award the nominees even when they are not present at the ceremony and do not perform. Kangana has won the Filmfare Award 5 times so far, out of which she was not present in 2 award functions.

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