Bollywood: Amir Khan apologizes? Confused viewers watching video shared by production

Amir’s much-awaited film Laal Singh Chaddha, made in a budget of Rs 180 crore, failed miserably at the box office.

Actor Aamir Khan is in the news these days. Amir’s much awaited film Laal Singh Chaddha proved to be a miserably failure at the box office. Made in a budget of about Rs 180 crore and released in theaters on August 11, the film has so far earned only around Rs 60 crore. Now Amir, who came under the target of the audience for insulting Hindu deities in the film PK, is now being said that he has apologized to the audience with folded hands.

Aamir Production posted an apology video

Let us tell you that after the audience rejected the film Laal Singh Chaddha, now a cryptic post has been shared from the Twitter handle of Aamir Khan’s production house. However, the voice that is heard in the video does not seem to be that of Aamir Khan. In this video of 27 seconds it is written – Michhami Dukkadam means the festival of asking for forgiveness. We are all human and mistakes happen to us. Sometimes by words, sometimes by actions, sometimes inadvertently, sometimes in anger, sometimes jokingly, never by talking… If I have ever hurt your heart in any way, I apologize to my mind. Micchami Dukkadam.

Watch the video shared by Aamir Khan Production here

There is no confirmation whether this video shared by Aamir Khan’s production house is related to Lal Singh Chaddha. But looking at the recent condition, people are seeing it by linking it to Lal Singh Chaddha. The boycott trend was already going on regarding the film, the effect of which was visible even after the release of the film. The film Lal Singh Chaddha would flop so badly, neither its actors nor the makers expected it. Even before the boycott, Aamir Khan had apologized and requested the audience not to boycott the film, but the result is in front of everyone.

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