Bollywood: After the disappointment of ‘Rakshabandhan’ at the box office, Khiladi Kumar is now going to turn to OTT platform

Akshay Kumar to make ‘Puppet’ remake of original Tamil thriller

On the one hand, big films are not running in Bollywood and on the other hand the films of South India are singing the flag of success. In such a situation, Bollywood has also started emphasizing on remaking the films of South India better than creating new content. Stars like Amir and Akshay are also walking on the support of remakes, in such a situation, when Akshay Kumar’s films are flopping one after the other, then he seems to be turning towards another remake. Akshay Kumar’s recently released film Rakshabandhan has also been a flop at the box office. In such a situation, now his next film is going to be released directly on OTT.

Akshay’s new film Kathaputli is touted to be a psychological thriller. Rakul Preet Singh is with him in this film. Kathaputli is also a remake of the original Tamil thriller. Its name was announced as Cinderella when the film started. Now its name has been changed. Since the film is going to release directly on OTT, there will be no question of its commercial success.

On the work front, Akshay now has a lot of faith in the film Ram Setu as a theatrical release. In this he has played the role of an archaeologist. Apart from this, he is also working on the second part of Oh My God Too.

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