Bollywood: After deleting all his Instagram posts, Adnan said goodbye, the market of speculation became heated

Famous singer Adnan Sami, who was honored with the prestigious Padma Shri award in 2021, has 672K followers on Instagram

Famous singer Adnan Sami, who came from Pakistan and took citizenship of India and was awarded the prestigious Padma Shri award in 2021, remains a topic of discussion these days. Sami shared a video yesterday deleting all the posts from his official Instagram account. This video is just five seconds, in which goodbye is written.

Let us tell you that this step is quite shocking for the fans of Adnan. Adnan Sami’s fan following, very active on social media, is strong not only in Pakistan but also in India. Especially since she has shared her transformation photos by reducing her weight, her fan following has increased even more than before. Many people motivate themselves to keep fit by seeing the transformation photos of the singer on Instagram. Adnan has 672K followers only on Insta. In such a situation, this step of Adnan is very shocking.

However, Singer has not given any official information on this matter. In such a situation, the fans are constantly speculating that maybe the singer is saying goodbye to Instagram. While some people are saying that goodbye Adnan may have a new project and deleting all the posts from Instagram is a promotional move. At the moment, mixed reactions are coming out from the fans side. Some fans are also calling him bye-bye. Now what is the real reason for deleting Adnan Sami’s post, it will also be known soon.

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