Bloody war of Ukraine-Russia! 103 children killed and more than 100 injured

New Delhi | Russia Ukraine War: It has been 21 days since the bloody war between Ukraine and Russia and hundreds of civilians have lost their lives. The Russian army’s relentless bombing continues, in which so far 103 children of Ukraine have also been killed and more than 100 children have been injured. Giving this information on Facebook, Prosecutor General Irina Venediktova has expressed deep sorrow. Even after three weeks of war, the Russian army has not yet been able to overthrow the Ukrainian government.

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lockdown imposed in kiev
Russia Ukraine War: Let us tell you that Russia attacked Ukraine on 24 February, after which the Russian army is continuously raining bombs on all the cities of Ukraine. Meanwhile, a 24-hour lockdown has been imposed in Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine. After which no one is allowed to exit.

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Ukraine India take initiative

Ukraine India take initiative

Ukraine will not join NATO
Russia Ukraine War: Ukraine burning in the fire of bombing is constantly seeking cooperation from other countries. In such a situation, America and its allies are continuously imposing sanctions on Russia, but no one is getting ready to attack Russia. However, Ukraine also announced that it would not join NATO. Whereas this has been a big demand of Russia for a long time. Ukraine wants security guarantees from the international community.

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