BJP’s booth expansion plan on test

Bhopal. BJP’s booth management on the criterion and especially its new expansion plan … whose sting also played a lot in the special meeting of the BJP in Jaipur, whose echo was heard from Bhopal to Delhi.. BJP National President JP Nadda came to Bhopal and State President Vishnu Dutt also patted his back for vision and leadership.. Considering this plan as its strongest link for 2023 BJP organization is moving forward.. But before that, workers associated with booth expansion scheme in urban body elections with cadre and organizational structure. The credibility of the party leadership is also at stake.. By connecting the workers with each other and strengthening the leadership, this system can play a big role in giving ground feedback to the organization leadership.

In fact, the BJP is moving ahead assuming the guarantee of victory on the basis of this system and especially the answering worker and the assembly seats which are occupied by the Congress.. there it is making special focus on its workers. The then organization general secretary Suhag Bhagat said The generation is passing through a period of change.

The new identity of BJP has emerged as its big face even with big changes in the organization, Vishnu Dutt Sharma has emerged as its big face. Now organization General Secretary Hitanand Sharma has a keen eye on it. Especially keeping in mind the situation arising after ticket distribution. Whoever the candidate may be, the pair of Vishnu and Hitanand began to prove effective in micromanagement.

‘Organization App’ was created to connect booth vistakars.. 22 point tasks fixed for booth vistakars. Also claimed to give time.. 61268 booths were fully digitized.. 3500 people’s representatives migrated at 20945 booths.. 12 lakh 75 thousand workers joined through organization app..

In the civic elections being held in Madhya Pradesh, the real test is of the BJP booth… 95% of the booths have done physical verification and the line of authenticity has also been fulfilled. … Councilor’s ticket is also in the deciding phase. They have started branding the candidates by telling them suitable.. Meanwhile, the discussion has been taken by the MLAs, party veterans to guarantee the victory of the candidates….So somewhere the preference has been given to the choice of the Sangh…

So the question is, when the voice of the workers working at the booth was not heard… then how ready would these workers be to win the election…. The ongoing civic elections in MP are no less than a battle. Because here, not only experienced Chief Minister Shivraj, the personal leadership ability of young militant state president Vishnu Dutt Sharma is also on the test.

Because the Congress has already taken the lead in the selection process of the candidates and has proceeded on the strategy of contesting the election under the criteria of victory, the Congress also does not want to leave any stone unturned…BJP announced the names of mayor candidates for all the 16 municipal corporations of the state. It has been done… and this time the candidate selection has become the criterion of the party’s veterans, MLAs, MPs’ guarantee….ie, simply put, the responsibility of winning the election is on their shoulders….and on this condition, tickets to the faces of their choice. Given….So in many places the candidates of the choice of the Sangh have been fielded….

That is, the credibility of MLAs, MPs and party stalwarts will be at stake. The candidate was sidelined in the selection…no opinion was consulted….not listened to…that worker…whose responsibility is to make the party win at every booth… And this is also the strength of the party….that every booth has its dedicated workers…and BJP has been working on the strategy of win the booth, win the election…and keep winning the elections….More than 65 thousand Booths are in Madhya Pradesh

BJP’s national JP Nadda, who recently visited MP, had also praised the organization of Madhya Pradesh for booth expansion… and told the workers the foundation of the party…. So CM Shivraj Singh Chouhan also does not get tired of praising the tireless hard work of the workers. Suppose there are workers of the party at every booth….and this is also the foundation of victory….But the question is what will the worker who has been sidelined in the selection of the candidates do with full dedication and devotion….

Will he work with all his life to win those candidates…for which his choice was not even asked….Will his morale not be broken if he is not given preference…that is, to be a litmus test of BJP’s resolve to win at every booth in the civic elections. So the question is whether the micro level management of BJP will fail in the civic elections. The booth on which the party has so much confidence….Will the workers from the same booth give any message to the party…and BJP will be forced to rethink its strategy again….or will the BJP win in the civic elections… Madhya Pradesh will become an example of the success of this experiment in the largest political party.

In which by making Panna the main power center, the accountability of connecting the workers to each other was fixed. Can do .. be it the state president of the party or the national president, anyone is in a position to have virtual dialogue with these grassroots, management-related, answerable workers at any time.. In such a situation, it is necessary to raise some questions.. city government BJP’s micro level management ie booth on the test in the elections?

..Will the government and the party leadership be tested in the election of the body? Will the worker who has been sidelined on the distribution of mayor’s ticket, gather with full devotion? In the elections, is the litmus test of BJP’s determination to win at every booth? What a big challenge BJP’s booth management in the assembly constituencies where Congress MLAs are there. It is up to the candidate.

..the strength of the BJP, its organization cadre has been considered the first sight of the Sangh behind the scenes.. From time to time the leadership, whether it is Narendra Modi or Shivraj’s party, may have kept away from the individual but popular and Accepted leadership could not be ignored, this time the importance of civic elections has increased with its timing, so not only does the pressure and expectation increase on the BJP while in power, but this time the BJP’s body elections are going through a generation change. When the decisions are in question, then its strength is considered to be the party’s booth expansion plan, it will be interesting to see whether the grassroots worker proves to be a strong link in this micromanagement of the BJP or else his ambition and displeasure will teach a lesson to the party leadership.

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