BJP worried over Nitish’s track record

BJP has started preparations for the presidential election. First of all the leaders who have been contacted by the party, the first name is of Nitish Kumar. The question is that Nitish Kumar is the Chief Minister with the support of the BJP, then why should the BJP worry about him? Keep in mind that Nitish Kumar has only 45 MLAs, while the BJP is the largest party in the Bihar Legislative Assembly with 78 MLAs, yet he has made Nitish Kumar the Chief Minister. So by law, he should not worry about Nitish Kumar. But the BJP is most worried about him.

Then Union Education Minister and former Bihar in-charge Dharmendra Pradhan was sent to Patna. The leaders of Bihar State BJP stayed away from this matter. Pradhan spent some two hours with Nitish Kumar. It is being told that he spoke to Nitish about the Presidential and Vice Presidential elections. It is also discussed that there was a discussion between the two regarding Nitish’s role. Keep in mind that for the last few days it is being discussed that Nitish can leave Bihar and go to the central role. This discussion has also been strengthened by their going to Seven, Circular Road by vacating one, ane road.

However, the BJP’s cause for concern is Nitish Kumar’s track record. He voted out of the coalition in the last two presidential elections. Nitish Kumar was a part of NDA at the time of Presidential election in 2012 but he supported Congress candidate Pranab Mukherjee in the Presidential election. Similarly, at the time of 2017 presidential election, he was part of the grand alliance of RJD and Congress, but in the presidential election he supported NDA candidate Ram Nath Kovind, while Congress had fielded Bihar’s Dalit leader Meira Kumar. BJP is worried about this track record.

Keep in mind that when Nitish Kumar had supported the NDA for the second time i.e. in 2017 instead of the Grand Alliance, then he also returned to the NDA. Presidential election was held in July 2017, in which he supported Kovind and in late July he returned to the NDA. This time too, the BJP is already under siege so that such a story should not be repeated. Nitish knows that he may have 45 MLAs but without him no one will form the government. Wherever they go, the government will be formed. So, the BJP is worried that if they change the alliance with the Presidential elections like in 2017, the RJD, Congress coalition government may be formed in the state and the next Lok Sabha elections may be difficult. That’s why the BJP’s run is not for the presidential election, but for the government of Bihar and the election prospects ahead.

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