BJP will create the atmosphere of the road from the house

The BJP, which is busy in preparations for Mission 2023, is busy in creating a positive atmosphere on the road during the assembly session. I was absent and he said that he was not in the house to hear the lie. BJP atmosphere of road

In fact, the budget session of the assembly is being held at a time when both the parties in the state have started preparing for Mission 2023.

The same 48 lakh people who had submitted electricity bills under the solution scheme, their bills also talked about being adjusted in the next bills. Apart from this, he made such announcements one after the other, which is often done before the election. Former Chief Minister Kamal Nath, while replying to the announcements made by the Chief Minister in the House, said that our government had waived the loans of the farmers only. But our government was dropped midway through bargaining, our resolve was that the farmers of the state should be debt free but this is not happening.

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Overall, BJP and Congress engaged in preparations for the year 2023 have started creating an atmosphere on the road from the house. Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan held a meeting of the legislature party in the evening at the Chief Minister’s residence and also had dinner with the MLAs, during which he interacted with the MLAs in the house. He talked about taking the announcements made to the people, as well as discussed the fund collection of the legislature party, besides the dedication fund campaign which is being done by the party in the birth centenary year of Kushabhau Thackeray.

It should also be mentioned that the proposals regarding development works in their respective areas were taken by the legislators in the past, they were also informed about how many proposals have been made in the budget, power and organization Results of the 2018 assembly elections. Taking lessons from it, we have started preparations for the general elections of the 2023 assembly, this is the reason why every effort is being made to improve the environment of the road from which house.

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